Recognize What You Can ControlThe continued coverage

Everything in a recording situation is a lot like carpentry. You know, if your house isn plumb, if it sags to one side of the other, you can do a lot of fixing up, but you not ever going to make it plumb. And if your angles aren right, and if everything is incorrect, it never going to be that way.

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At Nouvel, Ryan started four years and helped the Panthers claim Class C state championships in 2006 and 2008. In 2006, Ryan set a Michigan state finals record with 17 points in a quarter on her way to a 30 point effort in Nouvel’s 65 56 win over Flint Hamady to cap a 28 0 season. In 2008, Ryan set a Michigan state finals record with 12 steals in a 73 42 championship win over Galesburg Augusta.

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