In fact, our last bond passed by more than 80

On June 20, 1957, Charlene and Ronald Lee Callantine were united in marriage at the Grand Avenue Christian Church in Bozeman by the Reverend John E. Weston. Ron and Charlene lived in Seattle, Washington for five years where they both worked for Boeing Airplane Company.

Rite Aid paid $2.3 billion, including $900 million in assumed debt, for the 1,000 store chain in December 1996.Thrifty PayLess was a new ballgame for Rite Aid. Not only was it in a geographic area far removed from Rite Aid East Pennsboro Twp. Headquarters and east of the Mississippi store base, but many of its stores were much larger than those of Rite Aid.Then in 1998, Martin announced that Rite Aid would pay $1.5 billion in stock to acquire PCS Health Systems Inc., a pharmacy benefits management company.

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